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All industries choose Papirfly

Over the years, we have met countless marketing and brand managers who were
in need of a simple way to unify their corporate branding and marketing material.


Papirfly has developed a unique web-based marketing platform, enabling efficient management and multi-channel distribution of corporate and employer branding.


Papirfly has more than 150 clients from all kinds of industries in Northern Europe. Whether they have a media database or a complete marketing platform, they all
use Papirfly to optimize work processes to strengthen their corporate brand.


Digital Asset Management

Papirfly DAM

Save time and expenses by using Papirfly’s intuitive media database, which

enables you to store, administrate and access all your images, logos, videos

and documents. A valuable tool ensuring structure and overview.


Papirfly Dam facilitates your local and global collaboration. You can easily
share, re-use and distribute your assets in required formats.


Enrich assets with keywords and other valuable metadata, and inte-

grate to ERP systems, enabling product data to be synchronized. Use

the advanced search engine to quickly and easily source your files.


View thumbnails of the assets and play back videos directly in the

system. Share the material internally and externally by sending a link.

Papirfly DAM enables you to track history of each item.

Production of print ready material

Papirfly Print

Create your own graphical material, using highly flexible templates that are en-

gineered to ensure brand compliance and correct images, logos, colours, fonts,

delivering consistent branded material, every time!

A system for all types of users

Very intuitive editing tools right at hand, makes it easy for non-

specialist employees to create high quality marketing material.

Production and distribution

Produce simple or complex print documents such as brochures, ads, posters, product sheets, marketing material, and distribute via any


Quality and brand control

Protect your brand, ensuring every piece of marketing collateral is on-

brand, every time. Send material for approval prior to distribution and

minimize spelling mistakes, unauthorized changes and legal breeches.

Targeted email communication

Papirfly Email

Create html e-mail campaigns in accordance with your brand guidelines. The template based e-mail editor lets you place text, images, tables and hyperlinks.

Easy distribution

Send emails directly from the system, use the subscription feature

which keeps an eye on cancellations and history, or enter recipients

manually, alternatively import a mailing list from an excel sheet.


Papirfly Email is tested with all the major email clients. However, the

e-mail is always delivered with a hyperlink to ensure correct display

of the content.

Behaviour analysis

The system log informs which recipients have opened the emails,

likewise which hyperlinks have been activated. The analysis tool

makes it possible to evaluate and target the content towards

specific segments.

Web-ready flash banners

Papirfly Banner

Reduce dependency on media and agencies. With Papirfly Banner any authori-

zed user can create and distribute flash banners for all types of online media.

Individual design

With the flash banner editor you can easily make animated web-
banners. Drag-and-drop of elements makes the design simple.
Use the flexible templates, engineered to ensure correct images,
colours, fonts and logos.

Rapid distribution

Distribute the approved banners directly to the required media. The

system produces flash swf files, however you can also choose to
create animated gif files or static jpg files.

Corporate In-store TV

Papirfly Monitor

With your own web-based media channel, it is easy to create and stream

branded information and marketing material to specific target groups.

Production and distribution

Produce and publish content for monitors using predesigned
templates with text, images, animation, video, voice over and
music. Streaming to monitors is controlled by any authorised
user logged in via a browser.

Reach targeted segments

With the scheduling tool you can choose what and when to send

to selected monitors, in order to reach the desired targets at the

right time.

Municipalities choose Papirfly

Aarhus Municipality has chosen a Papirfly solution, which enables the munici-

pal departments to produce and distribute marketing and information material,

in accordance with their design guide.

Media database

With Papirfly DAM the municipality has complete control of all their

images. The media database archives everything in a structured

manner, facilitating the production of graphical material.

Graphical material

Flexible programmed templates gives the employees a user friend-

ly tool to produce reports, ads, newsletters, business cards and

leaflets. The material can be downloaded for print or sent to the
print shop.

Peder Andersen, communication consultant at Aarhus Municipality says:

”The system is extremely user friendly - quick and easy to create and distribute

graphical material, in accordance with our design guide. The solution has been

very well received by our users, who seldom have graphical competencies. We
experience a major quality enhancement in communicating with the

Graphical toolkit for The Danish Church

The Danish Church has chosen a Papirfly solution as their graphical toolkit,

which lets individual churches produce and distribute printed material in
accordance with their design guide.

Logo creator

Flexible layout templates make it easy for the churches to create

an individual adapted logo. A combination of colours, logo place-

ment, text and scalable format, results in logos for all needs.

Media database

Part of the Church’s graphical toolkit is a Papirfly media database.

Images are archived and structured, for common usage and cate-

gorised for each deanery. The database makes it easy to search for

images, which makes it efficient to produce graphical material.

Graphical material

The toolkit has specially designed templates for production of grap-

hical material such as leaflets, posters, telegrams and postcards.

The material can be downloaded for print and/or sent directly to the

print house.